Xbox One X: Is It A Big Deal?

In just a couple months people will be able to pick up what Microsoft is calling, “The World’s most powerful console”. They aren’t lying, it is the most powerful console and hopefully that counts for a lot. Many critics are assuming this console won’t set the world on fire, and won’t even sell as well as the PS4 Pro.


The Xbox One X went up for pre orders during Gamescom and it sold out in just a day. That’s really good news for Microsoft, but the console being sold out doesn’t mean much when consoles like the Wii U sold out when pre orders went live and ended up selling very poorly during it’s lifetime. This is a good start though, and plenty of Xbox fans will pick an X up since it is a giant improvement from the original Xbox One.

Along with Xbox fans, I do believe PS4 players are also going to hop back onto Xbox with the X.  When this generation first begun, Many gamers left Xbox due to the poor decisions they made, and it seemed like they were moving away from a lot of the great things the Xbox 360 provided. Xbox wasn’t all about the games anymore, and it wasn’t the place where gamers wanted to be.  I was very anti-xbox until Phil Spencer became the head of Xbox. Once Phil came around, xbox was starting to look like it’s old self.


Microsoft was pushing out updates to the console that fixed lots of problems. They were making changes and decisions that benefited gamers. Phil did a lot to maintain and win back old Xbox fans, he even got me to finally purchase an Xbox One.

Xbox has backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games and now even with original Xbox games, the most reliable online service, the easiest way to find people to play games with, and one of the best controllers I’ve ever used in my life. However, that wasn’t enough to win people back from the terrible mess up they had during the reveal of the Xbox One and the first year it was available to purchase. Once Xbox fixed most of what was wrong with it, the power of the console became the new tagline for many people. Those who switched from Xbox to Playstation stayed because they were already playing on a console that was more powerful.



The Xbox One S was a great improvement from the original Xbox and provided 4K streaming, HDR, and beautiful new form factor. This gave Xbox a much needed boost in sales.


Sony didn’t market the PS4 Pro very great, and The Xbox One X is much more powerful. With the X, you’ll be able to see dramatic differences in games even without a 4K TV.

With all of the great features Xbox has and with the Xbox One X coming out shortly, I do believe Xbox will start to see a major jump in sales. Many critics will be surprised how well the Xbox One X will sell.




The Galaxy S8 Plus

I’ve only had Samsung’s new handset for a day or so, but it’s awesome. The Galaxy S8 Plus is a big phone with a 6.2 inch display, but it’s only slightly taller than the iPhone 7 Plus. The phone has very thin bezels, the smallest we’ve seen on a premium device. There isn’t any physical home button this time around, but instead there are on screen buttons at the bottom of the screen.


The phone might take some time getting use to for people who aren’t familiar with large phones. The phone is pretty tall, but it’s not as wide as most phones. This makes the phone easier to hold in the hand. The UI is much cleaner than previous Galaxy phones and very enjoyable. I haven’t tested much features out yet, but what I have has been great!


Is this a perfect phone? No of course not, but it is close to it. Not everyone is going to like this phone, but I think a lot of people are going to. I’m sure there will be few people who jump from an iPhone to this new device. Check out Grouvy Today’s review of the Galaxy S8 if you want more information on the device, and check out Phone Unboxing’s unboxing of the Galaxy S8.

Do You NEED A Computer?

We have seen plenty of tablet’s come out over the years that claimed they were  2 in 1 computers. Two in one computers are typically tablets that are also computers. None of these have been as great as dedicated computers, but some have come close. Microsoft’s Surface Pro’s have done a fairly good job, but they cost an arm and a leg if you want the higher end versions.


Not everyone really needs a computer and can get by with just their phone. Things can get a little difficult to do like properly scaling powerpoints, or printing things out from your phone. Thankfully Samsung has an easy solution for this and it’s called Dex. Samsung revealed their new smartphones, the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus a few weeks ago. With these new phones you can convert your phone into a desktop computer by docking it into the Dex. The docking device allows you to charge your phone, and connect it to a monitor via HDMI. This also lets you plug up to 2 devices into it through USB 2.0. Once connected you can use the phone as a computer, but also use it as your phone. You still get your notifications, and can call people. The thing is, you can only use apps that Samsung has for you and not all of them are properly optimized for a desktop version just yet.


So can you survive this world without a computer? Well, sort of. Sure you can get by and only use your phone or maybe a tablet, but you won’t be able to do things that require a  lot of power or be able to do some serious multi tasking. I’m sure eventually we’ll live a world where everything we need lives in one place.


Are Budget Priced Smartphones Taking Over?

Smartphones are getting more pricey and cheaper at the same time. The big popular phones like Apple iPhones, and Samsung Galaxy phones are expensive and they go up in price all the time. Many foreign companies make cheap smartphones, so if someone didn’t want to spend $600 – $1,000 on a phone than they could spend a fraction of the cost. Yes, you do get a slightly less powerful device, but  you’re still able to do most of the things you’d want to do on a smartphone.


The big question is whether these budget phones are really taking off. Samsung, Apple, and LG are still selling plenty of phones and don’t seem to be really hurting, at least not from these Chinese smartphones. Luckily for Apple you can can’t get budget phones that run the same operating system that iPhones run on. So if you want the iOS experience, you only have a few options and they are only sold by Apple. These new budget phones are in direct competition with companies making Android devices such as LG, Samsung, Google, and other companies. Google used to make inexpensive smartphones, but now they’ve been trying to complete with the likes of Samsung and Apple with a more premium device and premium price.


The budget smartphones seem to be a bigger deal in China than the U.S. Luckily for Samsung they make all kinds of phones. They make premium devices, and budget ones. Even if their sales numbers for their premium devices went down, their budget priced devices would probably go up.


I wouldn’t say that budget priced smartphones are taking over, at least not yet. These big Tech companies push innovation, and that costs money. Consumers want the latest and greatest, and as long as they want that these pricey phones will remain here. However, with innovation companies are learning how to spend less making devices that are powerful. I think more and more people will start buying cheaper smartphones, but it won’t take over the market any time soon.

Mount It!

While searching for a phone mount for your car, there are many important factors you should consider before making a purchase. Where will you be mounting it? How much are you willing to spend? What is the intended purpose? For those of you who are looking for something that is cheap and easy to use, there are many phone mounts that simply clip to any air vent, such as the WizGear magnetic phone mount. This sleek and low-budget phone mount uses a powerful magnet to hold your phone in place.

Most phone mounts use adhesive or a suction cup to attach to the windshield or the dashboard, such as the the Li-Kee universal phone mount. This mount uses a spring-loaded clamp to hold your phone in place, which I have found to be the most effective type of phone mount. The best part about it, is that the clamp does not block the charging port, camera, headphone jack, or side buttons. The springs seem to have enough force behind them to keep my phone in place, even around tight corners and bumpy roads. The suction cup has added adhesive which make the entire mount even sturdier. I highly recommend the Li-Kee universal phone mount.

The Li-Kee is a bit more expensive than some of the reproductions, but quality is important when it comes to choosing a phone mount. I initially purchased the FlyStone Clipper, which is essentially a knock-off of the Li-Kee. The FlyStone Clipper sells for $2.43 (plus free shipping), but the ABS plastic is not as “shatterproof” as it claims to be. While removing my phone from the mount, the plastic arm snapped in half. This is the result of owning the FlyStone Clipper for one week.



The FlyStone Clipper definitely supplied me with $2.43 worth of enjoyment, but I highly recommend choosing the Li-Kee universal phone mount if you are looking for a good quality phone mount for your car that will last a long time. If you are looking for something less bulky, then the magnetic WizGear phone mount could be your phone holding solution.

Will This Be Samsung’s Biggest Phone Yet?

Samsung revealed their new flagships smartphones, the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus during their Unpacked 2017 event. These devices are spectacular, and are absolutely breath taking. The new devices feature the new infinity screen which has curved edges and almost no bezels on the screen. The entire front of the phone is one piece of glass. The smaller of the two phones is 5.8 inches and the bigger one is a whopping 6.2 inches. These are gigantic displays fit into the size of a normal smartphone. The S8 Plus which has a 6.2 inch screen is roughly the size of the iPhone 7 Plus which features a much smaller 5.5 inch display.


The phone does similar things that last years models did but has additional features that the killed off Note 7 had. It comes with the expected things like water and dust resistant, micro SD expansion, a beautiful Super Amoled display, a decent battery, fast charging, and much more. Apple and other companies have moved away from the headphone jack, but Samsung has kept on their phones.


I think Samsung has a bright future, but they’ll have to ensure potential customers that the battery won’t blow up like the Note 7. The design itself is nice enough to get people running into stores and trading in their old Samsung phones, but will it get iPhone users to switch over?

Technology at Its Finest

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Phone Unboxing has a full unboxing and hands on with LG’s new smartphone, the Lg G6. This phone looks incredible and very promising. This phone has lots of new features along with a new body style when compared to last years model, the Lg G5.

Graphicwheeler has an article talking about Apple cleaning up the app store on iOS. There are plenty of free apps out there that are not compatible with the newer versions of iOS. This is something that Apple has been talking about for a while.

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