Nintendo is Switching Things Up

Nintendo is planning on releasing their new home console next month on the 3rd of march and lots of people are interested. What makes this console different from every console that Nintendo has released before is that it’s both a home console, and a mobile console in one. The device is essentially a tablet that you can slide 2 halves of a controller on to. You can then prop the tablet up to stand on its own and take the controllers off and use the tablet as a screen. The two halves of the controller can then be used as 2 separate controllers. You can also slide the device into a dock that comes with the console which allows you to play your games on your TV and charge the device. You get the power of a home console like an Xbox or a Playstation where ever and when ever you want with no limitations.


Nintendo is putting a lot on the line with this device because the last home console (Nintendo Wii U) sold extremely poorly with only around 13 million units being sold. Nintendo’s previous home console (Nintendo Wii) sold over 100 million units in 7 or so years, so only 13 million units being sold in 4 years is terrible. Nintendo does have a lot of money in the bank, but they can’t afford to keep making hardware that flops. Nintendo’s stock has been going down every time they reveal something new so they really need to hit a home tun with this one.



5 thoughts on “Nintendo is Switching Things Up

  1. Wow that’s crazy that the Wii U did so poorly! Hopefully the Switch does better, otherwise it sounds like their company is going to be in trouble. That seems like a cool design though, so it might do alright!

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