The Nintendo Console I’ve Always Wanted

I’ve had the Nintendo Switch for about 5 days now, and it’s a fascinating piece of hardware. Nintendo has finally made the console that many of us have wanted for years. It does exactly what they advertised. It allows you to play home console quality games where ever you want whether it be in the car, in your bed, on the TV, or even in bathroom. Yes, I said the bathroom and it’s amazing.


There are some limitations to this of course. You won’t be able to play many fancy third party games that you might have seen on the PS4 or Xbox One, but thats okay. Nintendo makes extremely high quality games and they’ve been consistent about it for decades. They released their latest Zelda game and critics have been praising the game which only shows that Nintendo is still very capable of putting out amazing games. Along with the lack of some third party games, the system is pretty bare bones. you really can only play gams on it at the moment, and there aren’t many games on the console. The system is suppose to last from 2.5 hours – 6 hours. In my experience, while playing mostly Zelda: Breath of The Wild I’ve been able to play the game close to  3 hours before having to plug the Switch in. However, I did have the brightness mostly all the way down.


The console itself is very sturdy and it’s honestly a pleasure to hold it in your hands and to be able to play Zelda anywhere. The two pieces of the controller, known as the Joycons feel good while it attached to the system. Once you disconnect them and play the Switch on your TV you notice how different the controllers are when compared to more normal controllers. They aren’t too bad when you place them on the controller grip that comes in the box, but when using one piece of the controller only is when you have issues. The main issue that most people seem to have is the size. The Joycon controllers are incredibly small. However, you need to take into consideration that they were made this way to be able to fit on the tablet (the Switch) and be a good size to easily travel with.


This isn’t a full review of the Nintendo switch, and I do plan on doing a full review once I have more time spent with the console. So far I’m really enjoying the system and I’m plenty others will be to. That being said I don’t think it’s really worth people jumping off of their couches to go out and buy one at the steep price of $300 and with really only one great game out. On top of that, the only game worth buying right now (Zelda) is also available on Nintendo’s old home console (the Wii U). I would advise people to either wait for a price drop or at least wait for a few more quality games to come out. If you don’t mind spending $300 and you are a fan of Zelda then I would say pick a Switch up.




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