Technology at Its Finest

Here are 4 articles I think all of you will enjoy!

Mr. Panda’s Video Game Reviews gives us a review of the newly released Mario game that is available on all Android, and IOS devices. The game came out in December for iPhones, and recently made its debut on the Android platform. This game isn’t like the typical free apps you would find on your smartphone, and some might be scared off by the $10 price tag.

Phone Unboxing has a full unboxing and hands on with LG’s new smartphone, the Lg G6. This phone looks incredible and very promising. This phone has lots of new features along with a new body style when compared to last years model, the Lg G5.

Graphicwheeler has an article talking about Apple cleaning up the app store on iOS. There are plenty of free apps out there that are not compatible with the newer versions of iOS. This is something that Apple has been talking about for a while.

Adam Goswick talks about the Nintendo Switch and what the future of Nintendo looks like in his article. The Nintendo Switch seems to be selling very well according to various retailers. If the console continues selling this well, it could end up selling as well as the PS4 which has sold over 53 million units.


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