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Are Budget Priced Smartphones Taking Over?

Smartphones are getting more pricey and cheaper at the same time. The big popular phones like Apple iPhones, and Samsung Galaxy phones are expensive and they go up in price all the time. Many foreign companies make cheap smartphones, so if someone didn’t want to spend $600 – $1,000 on a phone than they could spend a fraction of the cost. Yes, you do get a slightly less powerful device, but  you’re still able to do most of the things you’d want to do on a smartphone.


The big question is whether these budget phones are really taking off. Samsung, Apple, and LG are still selling plenty of phones and don’t seem to be really hurting, at least not from these Chinese smartphones. Luckily for Apple you can can’t get budget phones that run the same operating system that iPhones run on. So if you want the iOS experience, you only have a few options and they are only sold by Apple. These new budget phones are in direct competition with companies making Android devices such as LG, Samsung, Google, and other companies. Google used to make inexpensive smartphones, but now they’ve been trying to complete with the likes of Samsung and Apple with a more premium device and premium price.


The budget smartphones seem to be a bigger deal in China than the U.S. Luckily for Samsung they make all kinds of phones. They make premium devices, and budget ones. Even if their sales numbers for their premium devices went down, their budget priced devices would probably go up.


I wouldn’t say that budget priced smartphones are taking over, at least not yet. These big Tech companies push innovation, and that costs money. Consumers want the latest and greatest, and as long as they want that these pricey phones will remain here. However, with innovation companies are learning how to spend less making devices that are powerful. I think more and more people will start buying cheaper smartphones, but it won’t take over the market any time soon.


Are You Basic?

We carry these rectangular slabs of plastic and metal everyday and we get concerned about what’s going on with our social media apps when they run out of battery. If we carry these things around all the time wouldn’t you want it to be something that you can do a lot with or it be something unique, something that is different from what the person next to you has? With Android you get to pick from tons of different phones rather than sticking with basically one phone that Apple offers. Everything about Android allows you to make your phone, your phone.

With iPhones your pretty limited to what you can do and with what you get out of the box. If you want a new phone and you want to stay in Apple’s ecosystem your choice is between the normal sized phone, or the plus variant. That’s it, nothing else to choice from and both phones look identical with the only noticeable difference being the size of the device. When take out the phone from the box and turn it on you’re greeted with the same lock screen, and same home screen like always. You can’t really make your home screen look too different. Everyone is going to have the same looking phone as you in every way possible. Sure you can change the wallpaper and have your own ringtone, but it’s just not going to stand out from the crowd. What you really need is an Android phone!

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Android is a very unique operating system and you can do a lot with it. First off you got tons of phones to pick from. You have the expensive flagship phones that lots of companies have that most cell phone service companies promote. You also have cheaper phones you can choice from if you’re on a budget. There’s a smartphone out there that will fulfill your needs. Once you pick the phone that best fits your needs you can go ahead and customize the phone’s user interface! You can do whatever you want with the apps on your phone, you can make widgets on your home screens, have live wallpapers, and have different keyboards for texting. With android smartphones you can also do true multi-tasking which Apple doesn’t quite do. You can download different launchers on your phone from the google play store which in some ways turns it into a different phone all together. With all of this at your disposal, there is almost no way that you’d have a unique device on your hands and have people wondering what kind of phone you have! Having an Android phone in my opinion really expresses what kind of person you are and sometimes shows off our creativity.maxresdefault

The New iPhone: Will it be New this time?

Every year companies reveal their new smartphones for the year, and sometimes its minor updates to their previous phone from last year. It’s very common for companies to take a few years to really change the design of their flagship smartphones. Along with smartphone reveals we get lots of rumors of what we might expect from the latest and greatest. When Samsung is gearing up to reveal a new product, they usually find a way to screw things up. We end up knowing 80% of what they’re going to tell us during a press release or an event because it gets leaked  weeks or even months ahead of announcements. Apple on the other hand doesn’t seem to have this problem, but they have a much bigger one on their hands.


Apple’s next iPhone isn’t planned to be released until some time in September like usual, but we’re already hearing rumors for the next phone we’re only in February. The last 3 years or so the rumors make the next iPhone to be this spectacular device that might actually have some great features that Android devices have had for years. It’s gotten to the point where I get angry just reading the rumors for the next iPhone. We’ve been told for years now that the iPhone will have an OLED display instead of the crummy LCD  that it’s had for years. Don’t forget about the curved screen that we’ve been told was going to be a thing! Am I really surprised that a lot of these rumors never end up being a thing? no, because these are the same people who took over 4 years to make a bigger phone while other companies were already doing it!


Apple’s iPhone line hasn’t been changed much in 3 years and if the iPhone 7s isn’t changed too much than it’ll be the 4th year.As of right now, The next iPhone is supposed to have an OLED screen, no home button, better screen to body ratio than previous models, a curved screen, among lots of other features. I personally have stopped using iPhones because nothing I want to change, changes. That being said, I wouldn’t mind giving the iPhone a shot if it changed things up a bit. Will this be new this time? Does it even matter? Will people buy the next iPhone if not much changes like usual? Be sure to check out Digital Trends iPhone 7s/8 rumors article for a full look at all of the rumors.